AI Blossom For Education

I am a Bionic Flower!

A Fusion Of Art, Technology And Education


Artificial yet natural! I envision education! I am reacting towards your behaviour with kinetic movements and light changes. Let’s get fascinated about first interactions in the field of STEAM – because education is the most important tool we have, to build up our future! I am designed simple, intuitive and inspired by nature! You can design my leaves or vase and change my behavior by learning the first steps of programming up to advanced levels. The Bionic Flower is a special Education Kit to promote STEAM Education


Get any age group excited!





Design me!

Get creative and change my petal design




Explore me!

Discover my natural and artificial components


1. Petals   2. Kinematic   3. Actuator   4. Controller PCB   5. Vase



Change my behaviour!

Interact with my movement and my light


» Beginners – Programming by cards

» Intermediate – Programming using Open Roberta Platform

» Advanced – Programming with Arduino IDE



They call me: Bionic Flower

Bring me to life!



The Bionic Flower is a product developed by Festo in cooperation with SkySpirit.




Working with me as a bionic kit promotes the following skills in learners:


  • Creativity
  • Practical work
  • Interdisciplinary work
  • Problem-solving orientation
  • Critical thinking
  • Support in competent handling of digital media
  • Innovative ability through enthusiasm for inspiring innovations
  • Bionic work


How I work:

With the help of my construction kit, students can build my mechanical drive unit and learn how I react to changes in the environment. I have 15 paper petals and a mechanism that opens and closes them. Therefore I am controlled via WiFi hotspot using mobile devices. You can connect sensors to experiment with the light and proximity sensors and adapt the control system to various scenarios. With the built-in LEDs, I can respond to chosen stimuli with selected colors. This way I can be responsive and interactive. My petals are completely white – but you can design them! Colour me! Glue items on my petals and get creative!

Let me explain you more on how I want to pass on my STEAM features to you.



What is STEAM?

STEAM Education is an approach to link disciplines and combines the five fields science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics. With STEAM we can learn tools and methods to explore new and creative ways of problem solving, creative innovating, and we learn to connect multiple fields.


I want to make education fun. Can you see my references to nature? Look closely and discover my inspiration from the world of plants ! Learn more here


I’m intelligent! But how is that possible? My personality, my brains and my senses are placed on a small circuit board! Learn more here


There is a mechanism behind every movement, this is an important part of the design. Can you figure out how I move? Learn more here


Let’s get creative! You can turn me into your favorite flower, design my leaves, create new ones and design my vase. Lets get started here


Have you ever wondered about the patterns we find in nature? How are these related to mathematics?
Do you know the Golden Spiral and the number phi? Like my relatives from nature, I have exciting principles from nature in me. Learn more here


I hope I could blossom up your interest in exploring me!
Get all age groups involved!
Focused  to excite girls about STEAM Robotics!


The educational variant, called Bionic Flower, is a product of Festo Didactic and is developed in cooperation with SkySpirit.