AI Blossom For UNITY

“Does unity always mean uniformity?” Watch the installation below AI Blossom contributes to reflect about current challenges like prejudices and inequality.   In AI Blossom for unity I am wondering about a future society without prejudices. Does unity always mean uniformity? Do we see ourselves as individual entities or as part of a collective? AI

Bring Me To Life

“Bring Me To Life – an AI Blossom Clock performance is inspired by Carl von Linné’s flower clock!” In this performative installation I am set up as a flower clock. I portray versatile varieties of AI Blossoms representing specific kinds of flowers. I blossom up in accordance to time and season, combining awareness with art

AI Blossom Coding Lab

Art Blossoms Education   “Learn how to program while interacting with a one of a kind artificial flower field”   Experience this learning lab faszinating young learners about STEAM. This installation was made possible by SkySpirit’s autonomous flying SkyOrbs and intelligent kinetic flower stations. 5 intelligent kinetic flower stations, 1  flying sphere   Intuitive programming

Choreographed Air Ballet

“Experience a one of a kind choreographed air ballet !” What if flowers could articulate their feelings towards us? What if they could somehow communicate with us? What if they had a chance to tell us something to bring in a change that works for all species in this world? In this natural spectacle you


“Experience poetically the dawn in a new dimension” Imagine twilight. The dawn that awakens everything around  us and our self. The touch of the light, that gave life to this earth. Slowly the light from my gently opening blossom spreads and illuminates the room like the first light of the day. The sun rises from