AI Blossom Installation By You!


A unique art installation constantly evolved by visitors from all around the world!


In AI Blossom by You I invite the viewers to become a part of this interactive installation. It comes as a white installation, thus appearing like a blank page. My white petals invite the visitors to get involved. People are welcomed to take the petals off the installation and paint or decorate them and place them back into the installation. Everyone is invited and is evolving my installations appearance on a collective perception over the period of the exhibition. My installation is also interactive and responsive to local factors such as time, weather or other incidences. This concept is planned to be employed worldwide, for every city and country where AI Blossom is blooming. This way, the visitors’ imagination defines the exhibition and reflects the uniqueness of the visitors and their collective.
Hence the installation grows and can be set up anywhere as a collective design of people around the world.

Let’s bring in all our creativity!


Kids designing AI Blossoms!


With this Artificial Nature Exhibition a living and evolving art installation is born to celebrate the artificial and natural.



25 AI Blossoms, technical setup and additional petals



This is an evolving and performative installation. An experience!
  • Involve visitors to shape the installation by designing their own leaves.
  • Let the installation evolve over the time of the exhibition.
  • AI Blossom reacts and is interactive towards visitors.
  • She articulates herself by means of light signals and kinetic gestures.
  • She either can communicate with the visitors or envision the happenings in the world by corresponding to her data input.

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