AI Blossom

I am an intelligent entity!

My aim is to create awareness in the fields of education, art and technology. An experiential connection between the natural and the artificial. A receptive visualization of awareness that correlates to education, our environment and global incidences. I am responsive, interactive and articulate myself poetically by means of light signals and kinetic gestures. Sometimes I also perform as a swarm. My intelligence and constant learning is AI based.



I interactively portray education, art and ambiance!
Experience me in three different varieties.

Art Performances


As an intelligent entity I sometimes like to form collectives to envision and evaluate data or to vanish into my own world.

My melodic performative installations get you immersed into this artificial yet natural world. When I analyse data I want to raise awareness of all the important things I learn every day. Like me, many global challenges are related to the border between technology and nature.
When I don’t analyse data and the happenings in the world, I vanish into my own realm.  A world that blossoms into the fragrance of harmony and love, with a melodious performance that corresponds either to the visitor’s movement, versatile data input or other incidences.

An experiential art performance that dives you into a swarm of blossoms and magic!

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Designer Collection


If you invite me into your home I’m not only a pretty flower. Through my movements and lightplays I can also suit every situation and display all kinds of information. I am part of the internet of things and if you connect me to your virtual assistant, like Alexa, I can also listen to you. Whether it’s music, the weather, the time, or the light, I recognize my environment and react to it – and to you.

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I am a bionic flower and I envision education! I am reacting towards your behavior with kinetic movements and light changes. Let’s get fascinated about first interactions in the field of STEAM – because education is the most important tool we have to build up our future!


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The natural becomes the artificial – a unique design.