Natural Phenomena

The Science Behind AI Blossom


The AI Blossom was inspired by nature. But is it more natural or artificial?

The phenomena that occur in the cosmos of the plant world were translated into the field of artificial robotics. Just like almost everything in the natural world flowers are divided into individual biological elements. It is basically the colorful part of any plant and actually a blooming blossom. Within it the seeds and pollen for more flowers are being produced.


Did you know?

Most flowers need insects for pollination. So seeds can be built. The flowers are colored to attract the insects better.

Because flowers and especially water lilies are so magical, we have chosen them to be be our inspiration behind this robotic learning kit. People grow their own flowers at home, in gardens and now also in the AI Blossom Lab.


The STEAM Background


STEAM is an educational curriculum that teaches across disciplines and combines the following fields:

S – Science
T – Technology
E – Engineering
A – Arts
M – Mathematics

AI Blossom covers all STEAM aspects. In this tutorials we will explain the scientific and biological background and mathematical phenomenas that are found in nature.
In the posts we will explain the principles and components used. The mechanical structure, stepper motors in general, as well as the basics in coding and the use of proximity sensors are covered.