AI Blossom at Experimenta Heilbronn Until the 13th of September, Experimenta was showcasing the “AI Blossom” performances in a special event. About the performance The artificial blossoms are inspired by nature, interact with the visitors and magically show the potential of artificial intelligence. Among the exhibits is also a very special attraction: a 3.20 meter diameter

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Designer Collection

I am the special AI Blossom Designer Collection Let me bring the right atmosphere into your home! Whether it’s time, the weather or the light, I recognize my environment and react to it – and to you. I am an intelligent entity. A connection between the natural and the artificial. If you invite me into

AI Blossom For Education

I am a Bionic Flower! In cooperation with A Fusion Of Art, Technology And Education Artificial yet natural! I envision education! I am reacting towards your behaviour with kinetic movements and light changes. Let’s get fascinated about first interactions in the field of STEAM – because education is the most important tool we have, to