An AI Blossom Tutorial   What you need: Your own artifical flower and you are ready to go:   Hi there! Here you’ll learn about your own artificial flower, what things you need to use it, and how to set it up. Let‘s build your own AI Blossom!     1 AI Blossom components If

Get Creative! The Artist In All Of Us   Let’s start together and create our unique work of art. Excited? Then let’s go!   The petals of AI Blossom are designed so that you can easily replace them. You can also change the shape to create your own unique design.     Did you know?

Parents Guide An AI Blossom Tutorial Dear Parents, welcome to the AI Blossom Tutorials! We are pleased to introudce you to the different levels of interaction with your AI Blossom. Your flower is designed to fit different levels of programming and tasks. If you have ordered your AI Blossom Designer variation, you are able to