Choreographed air ballet

This is a performative installation. An experience!
  • Feel the unique atmosphere created by the AI Blossom landing stations and the autonomous flying orbs!
  • AI Blossom reacts and is interactive towards visitors.
  • Elegant flying elements, arising out of interactive kinetic sculptures that also react on the visitors are part of this collective.
  • A choreographed air ballet synchronized to the performing collective rounds up the experience with this intelligent artificial entity and the natural!

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“Experience a one of a kind choreographed air ballet !”

What if flowers could articulate their feelings towards us? What if they could somehow communicate with us? What if they had a chance to tell us something to bring in a change that works for all species in this world?

In this natural spectacle you can see giant flowers blossoming and their glowing pollen rising. Like little suns they float over the blossoms, illuminating the room and performing in the air like a ballet of dancers in a choreography over the flower meadow. Their movement and light creates a magical new world.
We invite you to feel this form of communication towards you. The giant flower with a span of over 3m when open, respond to you and your behavior. The number of visitors and even the polls react and perform based on what is happening in their surrounding.


With this installation a unique experience blooms in the room, immersing the visitors in a world of their own and letting them be a part of it. This experiential and  magical realm represents a bridge between nature, robotics and AI, which are all united in a unique installation.


Experience this choreographed flower ballet rising into the air.
One of a kind made possible by SkySpirit’s autonomous flying SkyOrbs and intelligent kinetic flower stations.

10 intelligent kinetic flower stations, 10 autonomous flying spheres



» Watch my performance here


Come experience my one of a kind air ballet!