An AI Blossom Tutorial   What you need: Your own artifical flower and you are ready to go:   Hi there! Here you’ll learn about your own artificial flower, what things you need to use it, and how to set it up. Let‘s build your own AI Blossom!     1 AI Blossom components If

The Fibonacci Spiral The Implemented Mathematics   Do you want to find out about the elements and natural patterns, found in your AI Blossom? Can you for example find the fibonacci spiral? You will for sure after this tutorial! The AI Blossom is a flower that was inspired by nature. The Fibonacci series is an

Programming with cards A Bionic Flower Tutorial     What you need: AI Blossom, Programming App, Puzzle Cards   Hi there! My Name is Bionic Flower and I am your teacher for todays programming task. Excited? Then let’s get started! 1 To program me, you will need your Bionic Flower cards. With each card you

Natural Phenomena The Science Behind AI Blossom   The AI Blossom was inspired by nature. But is it more natural or artificial? The phenomena that occur in the cosmos of the plant world were translated into the field of artificial robotics. Just like almost everything in the natural world flowers are divided into individual biological

Get Creative! The Artist In All Of Us   Let’s start together and create our unique work of art. Excited? Then let’s go!   The petals of AI Blossom are designed so that you can easily replace them. You can also change the shape to create your own unique design.     Did you know?

Parents Guide An AI Blossom Tutorial Dear Parents, welcome to the AI Blossom Tutorials! We are pleased to introudce you to the different levels of interaction with your AI Blossom. Your flower is designed to fit different levels of programming and tasks. If you have ordered your AI Blossom Designer variation, you are able to

Natural Phenomena The Science Behind AI Blossom   AI Blossom is a robot flower inspired by the plant world. The AI Blossom opens and closes its petals due to external influences such as touch/approach or light.  The attractive design with its proximity to the natural model and the transfer of principles from the plant world

3D Builder Tutorial Learn How To Make Your Own Models   3D Builder is a free Windows application that lets you view, capture, personalize, repair, and print 3D models. Users either start from scratch by combining simple shapes, or download any kind of given 3D file from an online database. They can then edit these

Bring me to life

“Bring me to live” When I don’t analyse data and the happenings in the world, I vanish into my own world.  A world of that passes the fragnance of harmony and love. Experience me as an interactive and responsive collective! Feel me and dive into a choreographed flower ballet one of a kind! You can

AI Blossom for unity

“A poem of unity.”   In AI Blossom for unity I am wondering about a future society without prejudices. Does unity always mean uniformity? Do we see ourselves as individual entities or as part of a collective? AI Blossom for unity invites the observer to experience the spirit when two or more forms are united.