Get Creative!

The Artist In All Of Us


Let’s start together and create our unique work of art. Excited? Then let’s go!


The petals of AI Blossom are designed so that you can easily replace them. You can also change the shape to create your own unique design.



Did you know?

All you have to do is color in a 300 gramm piece of paper in the shape of one of the flowers from the AI Blossom set. Use one of these sheets as a template. Place it on the paper and draw around the outlines with a light pencil. Then you can start coloring the leaves with your favorite pencils. Do you want to paint an entire flower? You will need a total of 15 leaves in different sizes. 5 small leaves, 5 medium leaves and 5 large leaves.



Can you paint AI Blossom like a sunflower?

Or rather like a mimosa?

Design me, explore me, and change my behaviour!



The STEAM Background


STEAM is an educational curriculum that teaches across disciplines and combines the following fields:

S – Science
T – Technology
E – Engineering
A – Arts
M – Mathematics

AI Blossom covers all STEAM aspects. In this tutorials we will explain the scientific and biological background and mathematical phenomenas that are found in nature.
In the posts we will explain the principles and components used. The mechanical structure, stepper motors in general, as well as the basics in coding and the use of proximity sensors are covered.