Designer Collection

I am the special AI Blossom Designer Collection
Let me bring the right atmosphere into your home!
Whether it’s time, the weather or the light, I recognize my environment and react to it – and to you.

I am an intelligent entity. A connection between the natural and the artificial. If you invite me into your home I’m not only a pretty flower. Through my sensors and my artificial intelligence I sense different situations, adapt by light pattern changes and display various information through my blooming. I am part of the internet of things and if you connect me to your virtual assistant I can also listen to you.



The special AI Blossom Designer Collection

The Artificial is the Natural


Sensors and Chips on Board


Interactive and Responsive



Customization possibilities:

Single but smart – automated for your home

Multiple constellations available as wall installations

Multiple constellations available as mobile stations




  • Nature inspired design
  • Responsive to the environment and you
  • Automatically adjusts light play patterns, light color and blooming status by means of a light sensor
  • AI Blossom reacts on time, weather and other IoT features
  • AI Blossom is smart and can be part of your home automation devices
  • Intuitive control software
  • Can be controlled over voice message (for example Alexa compatible)
  • Can be customized to your needs
  • An interactive light play in all colors!


Design me!

Interact with me!

Bring me to life!

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AI Blossom Designer Collections are always part of the Art Performances. See More here