Programming with cards

A Bionic Flower Tutorial



What you need:

AI Blossom, Programming App, Puzzle Cards


Hi there!

My Name is Bionic Flower and I am your teacher for todays programming task. Excited? Then let’s get started!


To program me, you will need your Bionic Flower cards. With each card you can tell me what to do next. You can lay them next to each other in a row.

Let‘s learn what cards are important in the next step!


Each card has a different meaning. Just like a code for a computer program.

Let‘s learn which card you will need in the beginning:


Now you can choose what I should do. Place as many cards as you’d like to make me move or glow in different colours.


When you are done, place the stop card at the end. Now you have all your cards set up and ready to start my program!


Now you can scan them one after the other in the Bionic Flower App. Just turn on the camera and start with the first card. Thats how you tell me what to do. As soon as a green light appears on the Display you can go on.

And don‘t forget the play card in the end!



In the end your code should look something like this:


Congratutalions! You have sucessfully programmed your first code! Try around with various combinations and you will see there is lots to explore!


Of course I am also programmable for Advanced Learners with Open Roberta and Arduino.

Downloadable PDF for card explanations coming soon