An AI Blossom Tutorial


What you need:

Your own artifical flower and you are ready to go:


Hi there!

Here you’ll learn about your own artificial flower, what things you need to use it, and how to set it up. Let‘s build your own AI Blossom!



1 AI Blossom components

If you have purchased your very own AI Blossom Designer Collection you are at the right spot to learn how to install it.

click here for the education kit tutorial

Your Designer Collection consists out of:


This ist the main part of your artifical flower. It holds the electronic motor and the main board, with the LEDs and wireless sensors.


The flower petals can be indiviually designed and changed. Just print your own or use the petals from your set. They are interchangable and easy to replace.


The vase is 3D printed part of the Flower and forms the light play on the ground. The shape of the light play is inspired by nature, where you can find similar patterns in the plant world.


Your artificial flower set comes with its own power supply, which can be easily attached to the main board. It‘s designed to make sure your flower never runs out of battery.


2 The Groundplate

Let‘s assemble all four parts and install the AI Blossom App on your smartphone to get started.

You will start of with attaching the groundplate onto the vase. Therefore you match the three clips into it‘s position. When its locked it can not be moved around and is ready to get attached to the power supply. Make sure to match up the micro USB port with the  cut out in the vase so you can plug it in ealiy in the next step.


3 USB Port

Therefore you can insert the micro USB of your powersupply with the green main board on the bottom of your ground plate. You will see a small micro USB port showing on one side of your vase.


4 The Petals

Now you are nearly done. Only the petals need to be assembled onto the main parts of your flower. Can you spot the clips to hold them? You can fold them and siply stick them onto the flower. Be aware of the different sizes and remember to put the largest size on the lowest clips to achieve the most natural look.


5 The AI Blossom App is coming soon!

Congratutalions! You have sucessfully assmbled your AI Blossom. To control it via smartphone you can download the AI Blossom App in your App Store.


The very first time you log into the AI Blossom App you will need to type in the number and the name of your flower. Afterwards it remembers your account and you can change and program your AI Blossom with a few simple clicks.

Change the light or set it as an alarm clock in the morning to wake you up with a warm lightplay – just like a natural sunrise. There are endless possibilities to program and use your AI Blossom.

Find yourself being charmed by the magic of your own AI Blossom!