Bring me to life

“Bring me to live”

When I don’t analyse data and the happenings in the world, I vanish into my own world.  A world of that passes the fragnance of harmony and love.

Experience me as an interactive and responsive collective! Feel me and dive into a choreographed flower ballet one of a kind!

You can experience my reactions towards you through my kinetic movement and light signals. I listen to my surroundings and change my rhythm. I interact with you and move elegantly yet sometimes shy, showing my natural side. I synchronise to music – listening carefully, reacting and constantly learning. Two larger blossoms are part of my performance. The autonomous flying elements create a further connection between the natural and the artificial.

My choreography is corresponding either to the visitor’s movement or to versatile data input – music, weather or other incidences.


35 AI Blossoms, 2 landing stations, 1 flying sphere



This is a performative installation. An experience! Feel the emotions that are exhibited by the AI Blossoms and get immersed into this world of the artificial yet natural!
AI Blossom reacts and is interactive towards visitors.
She articulates herself by means of light signals and kinetic gestures.
She either can communicate with the visitors or envision the happenings in the world by corresponding to her data input.
Elegant flying elements, arising out of interactive kinetic sculptures that also react on the visitors are part of this collective.
The presence of visitors influence the choreography of the performance.
A choreographed air ballet synchronized to the performing collective rounds up the experience with this intelligent artificial entity and the natural!