Parents Guide

An AI Blossom Tutorial

Dear Parents,

welcome to the AI Blossom Tutorials! We are pleased to introudce you to the different levels of interaction with your AI Blossom. Your flower is designed to fit different levels of programming and tasks. If you have ordered your AI Blossom Designer variation, you are able to connect it as a smart device to your home. The Bionic Education Kit will teach everything about programming and is implemented in the important STEAM Education values. Therefore we will show you  how to get started and how to program your AI Blossom with the intuitive Coding Game.



How to get started

Do you want to set up your artificial flower for the very first time? Here are some easy to follow tutorials on how to simply install your AI Blossom.

See the tutorials here!


AI Blossom Coding


Do you want to teach your children how to code with the AI Blossom Bionic flower?



Important Information


The AI Blossom series is designed to teach kids about the basics of STEAM.





What is STEAM?

STEAM Education is an approach to link disciplines and combines the five fields science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics. With STEAM we can learn tools and methods to explore new and creative ways of problem solving, creative innovating, and we learn to connect multiple fields.



I want to make education fun. Can you see my references to nature? Look closely and discover my inspiration from the world of plants !



I’m intelligent! But how is that possible? My personality, my brains and my senses are placed on a small circuit board!



There is a mechanism behind every movement, this is an important part of the design. Can you figure out how I move?



Let’s get creative! You can turn me into your favorite flower, design my leaves, create new ones and design my vase.



Have you ever wondered about the patterns we find in nature? How are these related to mathematics?
Do you know the Golden Spiral and the number phi? Like my relatives from nature, I have exciting principles from nature in me.

Of course I am also programmable for Advanced Learners with Open Roberta and Arduino.

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