“Bring Me To Life – an AI Blossom Clock performance is inspired by Carl von Linné’s flower clock!”

In this performative installation I am set up as a flower clock.
I portray versatile varieties of AI Blossoms representing specific kinds of flowers.
I blossom up in accordance to time and season, combining awareness with art and connecting it to the plant world.

When I don’t bloom as a flower clock, I vanish into my own realm.
My choreography is then corresponding either to the visitor’s movement or to versatile data input – music, weather or other incidences.
I listen to my surroundings and change my rhythm. I interact with you and move elegantly yet sometimes shy, showing my natural side. I synchronize to music – listening carefully, reacting and constantly learning. Two larger blossoms are part of my performance. The autonomous flying elements create a further connection between the natural and the artificial.

Experience this melodious world of blossoms, my awakening with the twilight and blossom up with me. A experiential art into the world of the artificial yet natural!



Watch the full performance here



35 AI Blossoms, 2 interactive kinetic flower sculptures, 1 flying sphere



This is an experiential art performance.
  • Inspired by Carl von Linné’s flower clock
  • Learn about when and where flowers bloom in the world.
  • Feel the emotions that are exhibited by the AI Blossoms and get immersed into this world of the artificial yet natural!
  • AI Blossom reacts and is interactive towards visitors.
  • She articulates herself by means of light signals and kinetic gestures.
  • She either can communicate with the visitors or envision the happenings in the world by corresponding to her data input.
  • Elegant flying elements, arising out of interactive kinetic sculptures that also react on the visitors are part of this collective.
  • A choreographed air ballet synchronized to the performing collective rounds up the experience with this intelligent artificial entity and the natural!
  • Made possible by SkySpirit’s autonomy and tracking systems
Come and bring me to life!

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