This is a performative installation. An experience!
    • Feel the emotions that are exhibited by the Sunrise Installation
    • Various choreographies in accordance to the surrounding
    • Creates a magical world
    • She either can communicate with the visitors or envision the happenings in the world by corresponding to her data input.
    • Elegant flying elements, arising out of interactive kinetic sculptures that also react on the visitors are part of this collective.

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Watch the full performance here



“Experience poetically the dawn in a new dimension”

Imagine twilight. The dawn that awakens everything around  us and our self. The touch of the light, that gave life to this earth.

Slowly the light from my gently opening blossom spreads and illuminates the room like the first light of the day. The sun rises from the flower like a pollen, slowly awakening and introducing a new day and a new world into the space around you.
Experience the rays of this sun, while hovering right over your heads almost so near as you could touch it!

With this installation a unique experience blooms in the room, immersing the visitors in a world of their own and letting them be a part of it. This experiential and  magical realm represents a bridge between nature, robotics and AI, which are all united in a unique installation.


Experience this magical sunrise one of a kind made possible by SkySpirits autonomous flying SkyOrbs and kinetic bionic flowers.


Here another example with our SkyOrbs in action.

2 landing stations, 1 flying sphere


Let’s watch me rise in an interactive installation!

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